About us

About us


Women’s Health Association of Ethiopia (WHAE) is a local organization established in January 2011. WHAE works in nine regions in Ethiopia by establishing local units which are groups of fifty women working toward their health and their community heath. WHAE also economically empowers the local unit members by establishing group businesses.

 Inclusive Health and Economic development for all women in Ethiopia!

WHAE firmly believes that investing on specific group of women for a longer period of time would enable them understand their strength and opportunities and bring them together for a better action.  To this effect, the implementation mechanism used is the establishment of local units-one in each region- with a maximum number of 50 members with the aim of having a multiplication effect. 

In the beginning of their formation, the local units are formally trained on health and other selected issues. Thereafter, all members meet every month over a traditional coffee ceremony and discuss social issues to learn more about health, to better know each other and inculcate a feeling of cohesiveness. These groups of women through the process are expected to carry out community health education and cleaning campaigns.


To see WHAE grow as a dynamic organization enhancing Ethiopian women’s wellbeing .


To increase the active participation of grassroot/underprevilaged Ethiopian women within the country’s development process to create healthy individuals and healthy community.

To accomplish this, it works to ensure women are beneficiaries of the development process by creating and mobilising women’s groups, building their capacity and assisting the development of social and economic empowerement. 

WHAE also works towards strengthening and expanding professional women members and the organization to exchange skills among themselves and in their communities. 



Contribute towards active participation of Ethiopian women to be beneficiaries from the overall country’s development process. Our general Objective is to economically and socially empower women to the well being of the society with a clearly specified short term objectives.



  • Equality

    WHAE strives to work towards gender equality both in its office, in the community and in the country at large and internationally, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, and disability.

  • Empowerment
  • Accountability and credibility
  • Respect
  • Volunteerism