Harar Local unit Business startup

Harar local unit celebrating the opening of their business on January, 2016. The local unit engaged in "Peanut butter and baltina production". The opening was attended by esteemed goveernment officials, other organizations and the local unit members.

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Assosa ready for Dairy Farm

Assosa local Unit is one of the new local unit which is dynamic and reaching the community in their first year of activity. This local unit has decided to run a dairy farm in their area. This will be the first dairy farm in the whole town.

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Bahir dar Local Unit Opened a Tourist Class Restaurant.

Bahir dar is the number one tourist destination in Ethiopia residing the biggest lake in Ethiopia, lake Tana; the Nile fall and monasteries in an island. It is only 45 minutes flight from the capital city Addis Ababa.

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Mekele Shiro and Ellen-Sofie’s Recipes

Mekele local unit is one of the most successful local units which has graduated more than 200 women under them. Additionally now they have formed and new local unit of 55 women under them.

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Harar Local Unit Granted Land for Business

Harar local unit has been granted a government land for the coming five years to produce food items including injera (a local flat bread) and process peanut.

The local unit is granted a big land which is more than 100 square meter and have renovated and fenced the place.

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