A Brand New Bridal Shop and Beauty Salon Opened in Shonie

Shonie local Unit have been granted resources from Kristiansand Sanitetsforening to open the only bridal and beauty Salon in their county. This bridal dress shop has more than eight bridal dresses most of it donated from Norway, one of it being the bridal dress of Ms Jorun’s daughter who is the board in Kristiansand Sanitetsforening. Ms Wenche Tronstad and Ms Jorun opened the facility on November 4, 2015 with the presence of the head of Health Bureau, Women Affairs and other officials.The bridal dress shop also has traditional dresses and men’s suits also donated from Norway.The beauty Salon has modern materials and women are already flooding into the place to use the resources.The president of Shonie local unit Ms Almaz says 

"Now we are empowering women to be beautiful and proud."