Mekele Shiro and Ellen-Sofie’s Recipes

Mekele local unit is one of the most successful local units which has graduated more than 200 women under them. Additionally now they have formed and new local unit of 55 women under them.

One of the business of the local unit is the production of ‘Shiro’ . Women process and spice a pea powder which can be used to make a stew. Now Ms Ellen-Sofie who is from the twinning partner region- Stavanger - tried it on Pizza buns, pizza horn and taco


Ellen-Sofie’s recipe

Pizza topping:

400 gr. Minced meat

3 topped tablespoon SHIRO

1 deciliter water

All of this roast in pan, after emptied into a bowl.

So after this I take 1 deciliter water boiled and turned over mince.



Pizza dough:

2,5 kg flour

100 grams sugar

1 tablespoon salt

1,5 liters water

2 packages yeast.

Kneaded well, raised half hour!

You are invited to try it…

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