Vacancy for 2017 External Evaluator

Women's Health Association of Ethiopia (WHAE) is a local women organization working in nine regions in Ethiopia. This organization has been getting support since 2010 from Forum for Woman and Development (FOKUS) through its sister organisation Norwegian Women's Public Health Association (NKS).FOKUS is an umbrella-organisation consisting of 64 women’s organisations based in Norway. The project run by WHAE is at its second phase of the project period and the current project has been running since January 2015. As the project has been taking place for more than two years, all the partners agreed that this will be a good time to evaluate the project and shape the project to run on the right track and also replicate the good practices.
The Purpose of the evaluation is  to give an independent assessment of the implementation of the project “FOKUS project 10801 – Women’s Health Association of Ethiopia”. We are looking for Extenal Evaluator with extensive experience in the area. for more information please find the Evaluation TOR attached here