Twinning Projects

The local units in Ethiopia work with local  units in Norway. WHAE works in partnership with the sister organization in Norway toi make this happen.This partnership helps to promote active community engagement and encourages the local unit members to give back to the community by funding community projects the women come up with. 

The focus areas for the partnership include the following:

1. Community Health Project

One of the strategies where by the local units are expected to give back to their community by sharing basic health information and coming up with community projects. This process takes place in different forms in all the  local units. These projects are fully funded by the twinning partners from Norway. 

2.  Community Health Education

This part is where each woman takes five women under her and undertakes a monthly health education with her peers. To facilitate this health education, five women get together and form a group of 25 women and men and undertake a coffee ceremony in their village with the attendance of a community nurse. The nurse undertakes vital sign check-up and follow up every month as she is equipped with Blood pressure apparatus and blood glucose measurement apparatus delivered by WHAE. 

3.  Cleaning Campaigns

This is one of the contributions that the local unit members provide to their community. WHAE provides cleaning materials for local units including uniform. This is to encourage the women to undertake cleaning campaigns

 4. Toilet and Shower

In order to provide a community toilet and shower service with a reasonable fee Bahir Dar, Mekele and Chancho local unit built a toilet and shower with the funding from their twinning partners. Accordingly the local unit runs this service by taking turns. The women also run a small shop with soaps, tissues and razors to help them generate more income and promote hygiene.

 5. Home based care 

This is one of the health programs in Chancho for Women living with HIV/AIDS with low economic status. As there is no home to home care service provider in the area, bed ridden patients end up with bed sores and have limited professional care. This gap was identified by the old local unit members. The new local unit members agreed to continue this work and  deliver milk and wash, feed and take care of 11 bed-ridden patients by going to their house.

 6. Nutrition and sanitary materials 

This is one part of our strategies to address major challenges observed in the local unit women related to nutrition and sanitation system. Most of our local unit members had lack of iodine and personal hygiene. To bring change on this, WHAE delivered -Salt, Water filter and anti-insecticide for 39 local unit women in Bahirdar.   

In a nut shell, this partnership helps in providing sustainable, technical and material support to grassroots women in Ethiopia. Some of the twinning partners in Norway are Kristiansand Sanitetsforening, Vest fold Sanitetsforening, Oesfold sanotetsforening, Oppland Sanitetsforening, Molde Sanitetsforening, Hedmark, Aust-Agder, Hamar Sanitetsforening. For more information please have a look at the detailed WHAE 2017 Mid Term Report here.