A cleaning campaign & community health education in Harar

A cleaning campaign & community health education in Harar
Date: December 25, 2015
Category: Harare
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Harar local unit located the eastern part of Ethiopia. The local unit known for the effort they have taken on cleaning campaign and community health education. The community health education which is the contribution of the local unit members back to the community and they are expected to share the information they got to their neighbors. Each woman member has 5 women under her and teaches community members in a specific area, we call it ‘got’.  This takes place in an informal way by making coffee in the middle of the village and in some regions in community police compounds. WHAE hires a community nurse to overlook by facilitating this process. Then they discuss about their health and community challenges and their solutions. The current year 2015, the local unit successfully trained the first community members after the completion of their one year Community Health Education. Currently the local unit is processing to engage in Baltina & Peanut butter production.