A Milling Business in Mekelle

A Milling Business in Mekelle
Date: December 25, 2015
Category: Tigray
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Tags: Economic Empowerment
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Waero local unit is running a milling business. The business is on a grand phase by working with Mekelle University, milling Teff for Ayder Campus, and preparing Shiro and Berbere for the local market. The local unit is known for their best “Mekelle Shiro” which is prepared by these Mothers. The second income generating business for the women is Shower & Toilet. In addition to the business the women also engaged in Community Health Education which is the contribution of the local unit members back to the community after completion of their first year. They are expected to share the information they got to their neighbors and each woman has 5 women under her and teaches community members in a specific area ‘got’.