Yesetoch Moged Restaurant in Bahir Dar

Yesetoch Moged Restaurant in Bahir Dar
Date: December 25, 2015
Category: Amhara
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Tags: Economic Empowerment
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Bahir Dar local unit (Yesetoch Moged) has been undertaking community health education. This community health education is the contribution of the local unit members back to the community. After completion of their first year they are expected to share the information they got to their neighbors. Each woman has 5 women under her and teaches community members in a specific area ‘got’.  This takes place in an informal way by making coffee in the middle of the village and in some regions in community police compounds. WHAE hires a community nurse to overlook this process. The community nurse is responsible to do a blood pressure checkup for the group and believed that this encourages people to come and beware of their health status. Then they discuss about their health and community challenges and solutions. The current year 2015, the local unit successfully trained and certified the first community members after the completion of their one year Community Health Education and also a special award was given for five active participants that excelled during the course. The local unit is running the Restaurant business and also generates an income from shower and toilet.