What people are saying

"My name is Frehiwot Simachew. I was born and brought up in rural part of Ethiopia. I didn’t get the chance to get a formal education. I got married at the age of eleven and Moved to Addis with my Husband. We barely had any source of income so my husband had to beg. I didn’t have any Family planning awareness as a result I gave birth to four children. After I  gave birth to my  fourth child in 2011 something unexpected happen. My  husband left me with four children for another girl. That was a very difficult and hard time of my life. Thank you to WHAE now  after two years health education and training, now I am engaged in the business activity which is weaving scarves, bed covers, cushions and curtains. Now, my  life has changed and I am earning  a minimum of ETB 1,000 per month "

Frehiwot Simachew, Addis Ababa