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Who We Are

Founded locally in 2011, Women’s Health Association of Ethiopia (WHAE) is a non-governmental organization. Since then, WHAE has empowered women in eight regions of Ethiopia through the creation of local units (women’s groups of 25 members at a time with the goal of replication).


Our Philosophy

  • Help women lead healthy livelihoods and better income

  • Improved health and nutrition for women and their families

  • Increase community health awareness and engagement 

  • Increased organizational capacity and sustainability

We firmly believe that healthy women, who are aware of and capable of meeting their needs, are the foundation of a healthy and economically sustainable society. Women naturally possess the talents and skills needed to lead effectively in their homes, communities, and the nation as a whole.


To see all Ethiopian women lead healthy and productive lives


To advance the well-being of Ethiopian women to become self-reliant and reach middle-class status.

Our Approach

We use a Triangular approach in our implementation of our programs. We focus on local unit women, their husbands as well as their sons and daughters.

WHAE creates the Triangular Approach by bringing together local unit women, their spouses and their teenage sons (via male engagement) and their daughters, through the Girls Mentorship Program.


Local Units

Local units are groups of women who are organized to discuss health issues in order to improve their physical and emotional well-being, establish familial ties that will deepen their sense of community, and gain economic independence.

Where we operate

  • Addis Ababa
  • Harar
  • Jimma
  • Chancho
  • Debre Berhan
  • Assosa
  • Wolkite
  • Arbaminch

Organizational Structure

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