About Us


Empowering women

Women’s Health Association of Ethiopia (WHAE) is a local organization established in January 2011. Since then, it has been effectively working in nine regions of Ethiopia by building local units comprising of fifty women working towards their personal health and that of their communities. The organization also emphasizes economic liberation, using this as a tool to empower its members. Our vision marries two core values into one- inclusive health and economic development- for all women in Ethiopia.

Our Philosophy

WHAE firmly believes that investing in a specific group of women for an extended period will help identify individual strengths and interlace opportunities to bring cumulative results. To this effect, the implementation mechanism used is the establishment of local units-one in each region- with a maximum number of 50 members with the aim of replication. 

Local Units

All groups of women units are expected to engage in community health education sessions. This is after they receive training for a year. Upon completion, all members meet every month over a traditional coffee ceremony to discuss social issues, learn more about health, and create familial ties that will strengthen their solidarity.


To see all Ethiopian women lead healthy and productive lives.

  • Help women lead healthy livelihoods and better income

  • Improved health and nutrition for the families of women

  • Increase community health awareness and engagement 

  • Increased organizational capacity and sustainability





To advance the well-being of Ethiopian women to become self-reliant and reach middle-class status.