Amarech Tafa

Amarech Tafa , is a mother of five children. She came to Addis Ababa at 18 years only to find out her newly wed husband already had a second family. She remembers her future collapsed before her as the truth of her husband unraveled and he changed into someone new. She found herself in an oppressive and abusive marriage from a young age. 


Getene, is from Gulele, Addis Ababa. She was wed at 18 years of age and has three children. She has lived in an abusive relationship ever since, with an unsupportive husband. She has lost her ability of hearing as a result of domestic abuse.

“Most of the time our neighbors come to make peace between us. But what they don’t get is that the beating gets worse after they’re gone. He doesn’t want to be accused of being or doing wrong. Nobody was willing to rent us a house because of the noise we make.”