Chancho Local Unit

Chancho local unit has three local units. The first local unit was one of the local units formed by WHAE. This local unit after finalizing all the healthy education programs started a dairy farm and graduated in 2015.
The local unit received land from the local government for five years, and it raised wheat in the first year. The following year, the local unit was successful in growing barley. Teff was planted in June 2023, and the harvest is scheduled for October or November.

Second Local Unit

The local government also provided land to the local unit for avocado production. The women were trained in avocado farming and in June 2023, the women planted 400 avocado seedlings. Between the avocado trees, the women have also planted vegetable seeds that they aim to sell as well as consume for their own sustenance.

Girls Mentorship

The mentoring program for girls run by Chancho has 25 participants. WHAE started the program in 2023 and the girls enjoy the same benefits as the girls in Gulele/Addis Ababa.