Economic Empowerment

WHAE is aware that promoting economic empowerment is essential to advancing gender equality and combating poverty among women. WHAE, therefore, invests in the economic empowerment of local unit women by helping them set up their own income-generating activities.
Six months after the program’s first year, local unit women receive business management and business skills training, and business plans are created. At the start of the second year, a revolving startup fund is made available to the women to get their businesses off the ground. At the end of the second and third years, WHAE transfers scale up money to strengthen the women’s businesses and pave the way for the women’s exit from the program.
WHAE is aware that financial inclusion helps local unit women gain better financial digital skills so they can fairly participate in the market. WHAE is set to remove the barriers that prevent local unit women from participating in the financial sector by partnering with relevant actors.