Formal Health Education

Health Education

WHAE believes that women have unique needs, particularly in terms of their health. Women’s issues, however, seldom receive the due attention and resources they deserve. Healthy women, who are aware of and capable of meeting their needs, are the foundation of a healthy society. In order for women to be the fullest, best, and healthiest versions of themselves, WHAE aims at uncovering this buried potential and carries out many empowering initiatives in order to achieve this. Besides, WHAE seeks to bridge the gender gap in access to health care services.

Upon recruitment of local unit women, WHAE collects data on the specific regions and makes note of diseases that are endemic in the area in order to provide targeted prevention education. To safeguard the health of the women and their families, the first year of the monthly health education program focuses on prevention to reduce the women’s vulnerability to preventable disease.