Gulele Local Units Graduation

It is with great pleasure that WHAE announces that on November 9, 2023, the carpet making and weaving local units graduated from the program. Prior to being enrolled in the program, the women gathered firewood for their survival. Over the years, they learned about how to care of their own and their family members’ health through WHAE’s Health Education Program. They were also beneficiaries of WHAE’s health insurance scheme among other things.
The women received training in both weaving and carpet making, and acquired the skills necessary to both launch their own businesses as individuals or go on working as a group. They are pioneers and role models for the women in their community by dispelling the myth that only males could weave and make carpets.
Through its Girls Mentorship Program, WHAE supported (still supports) the local unit women’s daughters by giving them school supplies and hygiene materials to lessen the burden on the household as well as educate the girls about reproductive health. Through its Male Engagement program, WHAE also educated (still educates) the women’s spouses about women’s reproductive needs and rights and gender-based violence, and promoted family planning and marital harmony.
About 30 community women (GOT) also graduated from the program on November 9th. The women received monthly health education, participated in nutrition education/demonstration activities in cleaning campaigns.