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Miheret joined WHAE in 2011 G.C, despite the lack of support from her family. Her husband though it was silly for her and wanted her to work at home. Mihret now gains income from her worker coop at the mill.  Her brother had recently passed away and which was the saddest time in her life but she had persevered with the help of her work and her community at WHAE. Her cooperative has started letting public toilets and showers while also managing the mill. She earns a much needed monthly salary with hopes in the future to get more and build further 

Zeineba Mohammed

Zeineba Mohammed , was 6 when her parents got divorced. She had 11 other siblings in her family.  Zeineba and her twin brother were raised with her mom while the rest of her brothers and sisters were sent of to their grandmother. At age 3 zeineba lost her mother. She came to harrar in the false promise of a better life and prospects of going out of the country. But she soon found out that the women she had accompanied only planned to make her a nanny for her daughter. Zeineba with the help of good Samaritans willing to help her found a way out and into school. She was married at 18 and has 3 children. After a separation from her husband zeineba was left homeless and unable to care for her children. Zeineba grasped the opportunity to join WHAE, since then her life has changed. She has more confidence, more knowledge and more skill than she had.