Enhancing women’s lives through health education and economic empowerment

Advocating health and wellness

It all starts from wellness.

“Thanks to WHAE, I have learnt about health, family planning, hygiene, entrepreneurship and business. Above all, I went to the hospital and got hearing aid. I started weaving and became part of the business.”

— Getene,38

Woman Weaving gulele

Opportunity for business

WHAE works towards the financial freedom of our members. We seek to achieve this by empowering women to become entrepreneurs and instigators of change in their communities.


Continuing Health Education for Members

Our community education programs are undertaken by our nurses in tangent to checking vital signs and health status and providing lifestyle advice.

Male engagement in women’s health and family planning has also been a focus area of ours, as we believe that it is instrumental in getting women the health services they need. We believe men are powerful allies to achieve women empowerment.

Our trainings are provided by professional nurses under WHAE as well as external consultants.


Emergency Food Aid to Conflict Regions

During the COVID 19 pandemic and the conflict in Tigray, WHAE has been providing flour, cooking oil, legumes and produce to affected regions.



COVID19 Response

Coronavirus has helped WHAE to adapt to new ways of educating local unit women, GOT members and the community on health and on how to respond to a crisis.

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“When women are given the opportunity, not charity, they can change the whole world.“

— Birikit Terefe, Founder