Jimma Local Unit

Jimma has two local units. It recently graduated its first local unit with 55 local unit members. This group of women had completed the health education program and had started two group businesses and one self-help group. The two businesses are honey and candle production and injera making. Those who were not part of the group business created a self-help group and ran their own businesses, including a small juice bar, a coffee shop, a beauty salon etc. The newly established local unit members with 25 members are receiving health education and participate in campaigns and they have decided to run one group business and one self-help group. The group business mainly involves soap production while the self-help group members run small individual businesses.

Male Engagement

Jimma has a male engagement program that focuses on spouses of local unit women as well as young people who actively promote peace education in their communities. This program mainly focuses on training spouses of local unit women and young men.