Main Project Areas

Main Project Areas


Monthly Health Education

WHAE provides monthly health education sessions to local unit women as part of its health education program.


Community Cleaning Campaigns

Monthly community cleaning campaigns take place in all the regions that WHAE operates. The purpose of the Cleaning Campaign is to encourage community women to clean their neighborhoods, create healthy and safe communities and raise awareness about environmental hygiene.

Peace Education

WHAE believes that peace is a health issue and provides peace education to local unit women on a monthly basis as part of its health education program. Women are trained in peace education to help them learn conflict resolution mechanisms to foster peace and harmony in their neighborhoods as well as their households. 


Urban Gardening and Nutrition

Our urban agriculture program enables our women to generate income and have food security through home grown produces. We also provide nutrition demonstration programs for a better habit of cooking. We also provide micro-nutrient dietary supplementation such as iodized salt and ‘Wuha Agar’ water treatment packages.

Health Insurance

WHAE signs memoranda of understanding with hospitals in intervention regions to provide medical care to women with severe health conditions.


Economic Empowerment

Our aim is to economically empower local unit women so that they can become self-reliant within their communities, have improved productive and sustained livelihoods, and increase their life chances.

Girls’ Health Education

WHAE works on engaging girls from the age of 13-18 in Tigray and Addis Ababa on Reproductive health and life skill discussions.  All girls are also provided with sanitary materials each month. WHAE is also poised to organize a Worksheet project providing bi-weekly drills on English and Math to upgrade the girls’ English reading and writing and math skills.


School feeding

We created employment for workers, while in the mean time providing school children with nutritious and varied diet in their schools

Lobbying and Advocacy

WHAE works with the Ministry of Women Children and Youth Affairs and the Ministry of Education to advance daycare institutions in Ethiopia.

We have also raised awareness in the use of sanitary pads.