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Getene, is from Gulele, Addis Ababa. She was wed at 18 years of age and has three children. She has lived in an abusive relationship ever since, with an unsupportive husband. She has lost her ability of hearing as a result of domestic abuse.

“Most of the time our neighbors come to make peace between us. But what they don’t get is that the beating gets worse after they’re gone. He doesn’t want to be accused of being or doing wrong. Nobody was willing to rent us a house because of the noise we make.”

Getene takes care of her children in great hardship by doing laborious and dangerous job of carrying firewood while looking after her kids at the same time. She tells her harrowing tale of losing her 4 month old child due to complications of malnutrition.  And of a misscarriage around the same time. But Getene keeps strong in her spiritual life.  

Getene was recruited by WHAE in 2013 and says that her world has changed since then. 

“Thanks to WHAE, I have learnt about on health, family planning, hygiene, entrepreneurship and business.. Above all, I went to the hospital and got hearing aid for my ears. I started weaving and became part of the business.”

After beginning to start earning her own money she states that she has more say at home and in her life. She is currently planning and saving up on  renting a house .