Month: August 2023

Local Unit Graduation cont ..

Local Unit Graduation Harar soap making and vegetable selling local unit graduated after completing the three-year program in June 2023. Debre Berhan as well graduated its local unit women at about the same time. The group was engaged in individual businesses and most members of the local unit members were doing well.

Environmental Preservation Campaign cont..

Environmental Preservation Campaign In November 2022, WHAE delivered an environmental preservation training to all regional staff in Addis Ababa at the Inter-Luxury Hotel on recycling, waste management, energy conservation, community participation, and advocacy. Based on the training, Harar, Chancho, Debre Berhan, and Jimma coordinated initiatives to raise awareness of environmental preservation from November to December …

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Health Campaign cont

Breast cancer awareness In order to increase awareness of breast cancer among women and the general public, WHAE designated April 2022 as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a total of 532 women have been reached during the campaign. Local unit women received self-examination instruction and breast cancer education from medical professionals. In Harar, the women …

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Daycare cont..

Producing a National Daycare Standard WHAE has always focused on initiatives that improve the lives of low-income women in a positive and sustainable way and increase child safety. In 2017, WHAE in collaboration with Partnership for Change, began a discussion about accessible daycare services to empower women and sought to improve the existing daycare system. …

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Girls Mentorship cont..

Monthly Reproductive Health Education The monthly reproductive health education program aims to promote girls’ awareness of sexual and reproductive health, their rights regarding reproduction, the anatomy of the female reproductive system, puberty, menstruation management, STDs, adolescent pregnancy, and gender-based violence. As part of the initiative, WHAE provides sanitary pads, hair oil, soaps on a monthly …

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Peace Education cont..

Monthly Peace Education During the monthly health education program, local unit and GOT women receive peace education. The goal is to foster the health advantages of peace and encourage the women to accept cultural diversity and appreciate one another. WHAE also organizes Peace for Health Campaigns in the regions to reach a wider community.   …

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