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WHAE believes that women are essential to the advancement of a society. The goal of WHAE is to empower local unit women to become independent productive members of society, and reach middle-class status. Since its founding in 2011, WHAE has been successfully engaging local unit and community women with their personal health and economic development in eight areas of Ethiopia. WHAE holds that it is critical to ensure that local unit members continue their path to becoming economically independent and learn about their rights to meet their challenges.

We firmly believe that healthy women, who are aware of and capable of meeting their needs, are the foundation of a healthy and economically sustainable society.


WHAE held its Annual General Assembly

WHAE held its Annual General Assembly at the Inter Luxury Hotel on Saturday, March 9, 2024. Board members, members, regional coordinators, local unit members from all the regions, a representative...
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Support to Hagere Selam local unit women, their children and girls.

WHAE is happy to have gotten to reestablish contact with Hagere Selam in Tigray once more and was able to provide food supplies and sanitary materials (teff, flour, cooking oil,...
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Daycare Assistant Graduation

November 23, 2023 WHAE has always focused on initiatives that improve the lives of low-income women in a positive and sustainable way and increase child safety. The right to women’s...
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WHAE held a financial inclusion training to its regional staff as part of its annual meeting.....


WHAE has always focused on initiatives that improve the lives of low-income women in a positive and sustainable…


As part of its annual meeting, WHAE also organized a training session on cervical cancer, which was given by Dr. Bethlehem...​


It is with great pleasure that WHAE announces that on November 9, 2023, the carpet making and weaving local....

Community Mobilization Programs


Campaigns and meetings on reproductive health are organized by WHAE, with an emphasis on diseases such as breast and cervical cancer that disproportionately impact women.

 It also educates local unit and community women about the advantages of early detection and prevention.


WHAE included an environmental education campaign to assist local units and GOT women in better understanding how they may take care of their environment in order to address the root causes of food insecurity and the need for environmental protection.

This element is essential to ensuring that the women can make the required changes in their communities that may have a positive influence on local food security.


In addition to its regular peace education program, WHAE launches Peace for Health initiatives to broaden its work on peace education and to foster a culture of peace in an effort to lessen the negative effects of conflict on community members health.

As part of its nutrition education, and to improve the nutrition intake and nutrition security among local unit women, WHAE provides seeds  and training to all local unit women to plant in their backyards or in pots.

One of the essential elements of WHAE’s health education program is nutrition education. In addition to receiving nutrition instruction, local unit and GOT women take part in quarterly nutrition demonstration events. Participants in the program are also given information on how to feed their kids a balanced diet. Nurses also monitor the children’s health, checking for infections and offering guidance on matters relating to children’s health. 


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