Producing a National Daycare Standard

WHAE has always focused on initiatives that improve the lives of low-income women in a positive and sustainable way and increase child safety. In 2017, WHAE in collaboration with Partnership for Change, began a discussion about accessible daycare services to empower women and sought to improve the existing daycare system. WHAE participated in drafting the first Daycare National Standard and submitted the draft to the then Ministry of Women, Children, and Youth Affairs. Today, Ethiopia has a proclamation on daycare that has been put into effect nationwide. The national daycare standard has been reviewed by the Ministry and is ready for use.

Daycare Establishment and Renovation

WHAE worked with Partnership for Change and various government agencies in opening and renovating childcare facilities that meet the standard.

Daycare Assistant Training

Thus far WHAE has provided technical assistance, trained daycare assistants and, more recently, daycare supervisors and leaders. By doing this, it has helped children receive quality care, attention, and enabled them to play with toys that improve their mental abilities.



WHAE works to raise awareness about the need for opening daycares at industry parks, universities, and regional government offices. As part of this coordination work, it has organized media training and experience sharing among regional Women Affairs Directorates and worked on daycare-based data generation.