Monthly Reproductive Health Education

The monthly reproductive health education program aims to promote girls' awareness of sexual and reproductive health, their rights regarding reproduction, the anatomy of the female reproductive system, puberty, menstruation management, STDs, adolescent pregnancy, and gender-based violence. As part of the initiative, WHAE provides sanitary pads, hair oil, soaps on a monthly basis and underpants every three months. The girls receive monthly health education from a nurse and have the chance to talk about personal matters. A sisterhood module is included in the monthly reproductive health education program to encourage young girls connect and deal with the difficulties they encounter as young girls at school or in the community. Since play is the foundation of bonding, WHAE encourages the girls to engage in creative plays after health education sessions.

Leadership Skills Training

The objectives of the leadership skills training are: to bring forth the intrinsic skills and abilities that girls possess and enable them to be effective leaders in their communities and become role models for younger girls, to help them with personal development and to build their capacity by equipping them with knowledge and soft skills. WHAE organizes annual experience-sharing trips for the girls so that they have the chance to learn and play together and enjoy city facilities that they would not otherwise have access to.

University/higher education Preparation

WHAE encourages girls to receive university education as higher education paves the way for the realization of their dreams and potentials and improves their skills. The objectives of the program are to contribute to bridging the gender gap in education in the country, to better the lives of girls by enabling them to earn more money and have more life opportunities. WHAE hires tutors to assist grade 12 students with exam drills on Math and English three months before they sat for the national General Secondary Education Certificate Examination.

Small Professional Development

WHAE assists program participants with vocational skills trainings depending on their choices or preferences before graduation if, after they complete grade 12, they decide they would rather work than pursue further education. The objective is to increase their employability.